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Self-cover booklet using Fiery impose

I'm going crazy here. I'm using a Versant 80 with a Fiery EX-i 80 server. I have a 9-page document that I want printed as a booklet, beginning on the first page and finishing with however many blanks it needs at the end. So it should be 3 sheets of A3 folded to make 12 pages, with the last 3 blank.


I cannot however get it to do this because of the "Cover" feature: it insists on inserting blanks to force one. There is no cover! I've tried every combination and they all give me some form of blank page in between some of the pages, even with the absurd result with one combination (shown below) of there being a completely blank sheet wrapped around the whole thing and the 9th page somewhere at the back in between a few other blanks.


Can anyone suggest the correct setting?



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Re: Self-cover booklet using Fiery impose

That isn't Impose, Impose is another thing entirely (Grayed out in your screenshot)

If you want your 9 page job to print on 3 physical sheets and being duplex every page on the folded output you would have the 3 physical sheets, and the last 3 pages to have nothing on them, you would do the following settings as seen here:




By default it prints on the outside only (The cover page) and not the inside, because page 1 of a book is typically not on the back of the cover. And Print on Outside for the back page(cover) so it can add blanks when needed in the job. And still have something to look at when you flip it over.


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Posts: 16
Registered: ‎10-22-2015

Re: Self-cover booklet using Fiery impose

Aha! Thank you as always Joe, that's done the trick. I thought I had tried all possible combinations but apparently not. And yes, I got the terminology wrong.


It seems this interface could be vastly improved by Fiery: it's not terribly intuitive (at least, not to me).