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Versalink C405DN MFP Landscap wrong orientation

We have just recently recieved a Versalink C405DN MFP.


The problem we have is that when we print a document in Landscape format, for example from excel. The orientation is 180 degr off. We see this due to that the holes in the paper end up in the bottom of the page.


However if we print in portrait mode there is no problem, and the holes are to the left.


So we can't turn the papers around in the magasin.


This is using driver:


I have looked around in the print settings but can't seem to find anywhere that I can change this.


Does anyone have any suggestion around this then please reply.


/Per Malmqvist, Sweden

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Re: Versalink C405DN MFP Landscap wrong orientation

Rotate 180 is in each driver.


So the V4 has it here




And the V3 has it here




And of course if you are also messing with application rotation you may have to get pretty creative in untangling the mess




I mean, what the <redacted> Adobe?





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