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Versant 2100 print issue

Hi there,


I have been having this problem and it seems like nobody can help.


Everytime I am printing on coated TEXT (100 lbs) stock, there's a LOT of jam happening (078-150 & 078-156). Almost every 50 sheets interval. I have to stop and re-jog the paper. The temp and humidity is fine so it cannot be the static on the paper.


I always have to clean the rollers with damp cloth, rotate the paper, flip the paper upside down, etc. Still the problems occurs.


Your advice will be very much appreciated.



versant 2100

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Re: Versant 2100 print issue

Have you tried upping the settings from 129-150GSM Coated to 151-176 GSM Coated?

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Re: Versant 2100 print issue

Is it slug feeding?

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Re: Versant 2100 print issue



I followed your suggestion and set the stock to 155 GSM and so far so good....


I really appreciate the help.