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Versant 80 - print on mixed paper sizes



We are using a Versant 80 with Ex-i DFE printing from a Win 10 computer.

We have a 600 pages PDF file with 3 different paper size pages: A4, A3 and Letter and we are printing from Adobe Reader.

We send this print job checking "choose paper source by PDF page size" and we have no problem printing A4 and A3 pages but when it comes to Letter pages within the PDF file it stops and asks for this type of paper.

I remember that on Xerox printers there's an option to tell the printer to print US paper sizes on similar paper size but I cannot find it anywhere on V80! We have already search the knowledge base on, Sys Admin and User Guide.

How can I set this option knowing that I cannot edit Letter pages size within this PDF file?


Thank you



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Re: Versant 80 - print on mixed paper sizes

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Re: Versant 80 - print on mixed paper sizes

Great! Thank you, it worked!


To make it work then I had only to select in Acrobat Reader "Actual Size" and again "choose paper source by PDF size".