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WC7225 connecting to WIndows 10 (1703) via USB (extension) problem

Hey everyone,


Got a strange problem, wonder if any of you have seen this before or have a better understanding of this issue I am having to help me fix this.


In one of our libraries, we have a Workcentre 7225 and it is connected to a windows 10 (HP ELITE ONE 800 G2).  This corporate PC is connected to our corporate network and the printer is also connected to the corporate network via CAT5  -  This works fine and prints as expected as the printer is installed and distributed via Group Policy.


However, the library also has another desktop (for software called iCAM - which controls public access to conected PCs to public network.

This PC is connected to the printer via USB extension.

Printer USB connected to a Startec USB extender (connects to CAT5 -- Port X  at patch panel X, patch in Patch Port X to Patch Port Y)

Port Y connected to another Startec USB extender via CAT5 then takes USB to PC

All ports on PC are USB3.0

See below for connection image


Startec devices similar to these  (


Once the USB goes into the PC (and everything else is already connected fine), the printer looks as if it installs automatically.

Comes up as Xerox WorkCentre 7220/7225 Class Driver



If I send a print it does not print out, but the "What's Printing" shows the print seems to be taken and dealt with as it disappears as normal.


I have tried Windows troubleshoot and this is suggesting can't print over USB3.0 - 2.0


Any suggestions on a fix??


Thanks in advance





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Re: WC7225 connecting to WIndows 10 (1703) via USB (extension) problem

Assuming it doesn't work via USB without the extender, it will just be the mode the USB port is in, by default, it isn't for print, it is for firmware updates and scanning, if you want to print via USB, you need to turn that on.





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Re: WC7225 connecting to WIndows 10 (1703) via USB (extension) problem

Thanks Joe,


But this was already turned on as you suggested.




However, in the work we have another USB with windows 10 issue...  seems that windows 10 on a USB3.0 port is making everything sleep after about 5 secs.  All power management has been changed so that the USB device is never put to sleep by the OS.

Tested on Windows 10 (Toshiba Portege R30)  -  USB device sleeps

Tested on Windows 7 (Toshiba Portege R30)  -  USB device does not sleep  

Both using the same right hand USB port 3.0


this is probably my issue with the printer as the printer was seen and installed by the OS upon detection...  I just believe the USB 3.0 is instsantly putting the device to sleep or more accurately the USB port to sleep.



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Re: WC7225 connecting to WIndows 10 (1703) via USB (extension) problem

This issue has now been fixed.


The issue in this particualr situation ended up being that the Windows 10 computer had 2 x USB001 ports.

1 x Local port   1 x Virtual Printing Port


Deleted all the printers and then deleted the USB001 Local port

Installed the printers again   -   tested and the prints came out fine.