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White streak - phaser 7800

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Hello, I'm trying to find a solution to a streaking problem I'm having with my Phaser 7800. I printed the test pages for troubleshooting it's only visible in the magenta toner page (image attached). I cleaned all the imaging units and even replaced the magenta imaging unit with a new one with no improvement. What are other possibilites here?


I am waiting for a new magenta toner cartridge to come in, but if replacing the toner cartridge doesn't solve it, I'm at a bit of a loss. I am dreading the expensive service call, I'm a solo designer and this will be hundereds of dollars to diagnose and repair as far as I can tell. :(


If it helps any, the other imaging units have the same streak of wear on them as the magenta toner is reproducing on the paper, but the white streak does not show up in other toner colour test pages. Photo of the magenta imaging unit (replaced a month ago) as well as the cyan for comparison (not replaced, 2 years old) attached as well.


Thanks in advance for the help. I'm stumped and dissapointed a printer that's only two years old can break like this.





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Re: White streak - phaser 7800



It sounds to me like you will need to replace the Magenta Developer, you can find a similar thread to this here:


This is typically a job for a Xerox specialist.