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WorkCentre 6605 - default tray based on function



we have a WorkCentre 6605 that until a few days ago printed faxes from tray 1 as set by the technician when we bought it. Now it prints faxes from tray 2 which we use only for prints from computers. We could not reach the technician and we don't remember how to set it the right way. We have already checked knowledge base and user guide but we cannot find how to set the machine to print faxes from a specific tray. Could you help me please?


Thank you





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Re: WorkCentre 6605 - default tray based on function

You can't as far as I know, it uses the tray with highest priority.

Copy can have a tray set as the default though.


So it would seem that the priority just needs to change, which is a simple task worth trying. Just try swapping Tray 1 into the first position.



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