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WorkCentre 7435 - Error codes 116-324 & 016-720



I'm unable to print PDF documents which contain Calibri fonts.


The printer send 116-324 error code and need to reboot.

Sometimes, I see also 016-720 error code, like on this thread : 7120 error printing pdfs


  • Calibri's files were copied on the print server but I've got same error
  • I can print if I disable "Advanced Printing Features" but I can't do this on the print server cause users couldn't print in booklets anymore
  • I can print if I choose "Send fonts as bitmaps" but I can't do this on the print server cause files on spooler became too big (3Mo > 2,5Go) and jobs became too slow

Is there a new firmware for WorkCentre 7435 which solve this problem ?

On Xerox website, I can see the release notes only for the latest firmware, I can't find previous...


Thanks for your attention.

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Re: WorkCentre 7435 - Error codes 116-324 & 016-720

Which print driver are you using?  If you're using the PS, try the PCL or vice versa.  Sometimes it works.

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Re: WorkCentre 7435 - Error codes 116-324 & 016-720

Thanks for your answer but I need a sure and definitive solution.

I've got a lot of printers and I can't use PCL cause users print a lot of graphics and big documents...


I'm sure Xerox 7435 can print all PDF documents in PostScript, but I think I need something like an update or configuration...

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Re: WorkCentre 7435 - Error codes 116-324 & 016-720

Hey ordicoach

I have also been struggling with this new version of Calibri font causing printing problems.  We had numerous WC74xx producing 116-324 and 016-720 errors and we traced to this font issue.  In my case, we are using the PCL driver and was able to correct the issue by disabling the Print Optimization feature in the driver.  The makes the print file more page independant by making font declarations every page instead of just the header. (among other things)   I have not tested the PS driver but I beleive that setting the PostScript Output Option to Optimize for Portability will accomplish the same thing. The print file will be slightly larger but not nearly as large as coverting the fonts to images.  Give that a try and let me know the results - the more info we can share on this the better :) 


MS did release a fast publish KB article on this (KB2592142) but like you, we have not had success with installing Calibri 5.62 on our servers

BTW - we have seen other models/drivers affected by this issue but the symptoms vary depending on the PDL used. (printing garbage (PCL code) or sometimes PS Error - Invalid Font: xshow)

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Re: WorkCentre 7435 - Error codes 116-324 & 016-720



I've got some news about this problem...

I've tried to install another PDF reader on my computer and it works !


In my company, all users are on Acrobat Reader but I can print all PDF with Calibri fonts with another freeware, like Foxit Reader !


So is there a problem with Adobe Reader ? Or between Adobe Reader and Xerox printers ?


I've already tried to print with other versions of Adobe Reader but problem still appear...

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Re: WorkCentre 7435 - Error codes 116-324 & 016-720

I have always had difficulty with Adobe and Xerox print drivers. It always seems that they require a lot of tweeking to the options to print correctly. The usual thing I find is that the printer won't print correctly unless it has the "Print as image" box ticked or has the print optomisation disabled. I much prefer Nuance PDF Reader, but obviously that may cause issues across the business depending on the level of functionality required!


I've turned it off and on again - I'm not a muggle
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Re: WorkCentre 7435 - Error codes 116-324 & 016-720

It looks like Microsoft used a newer version of the font in Office 2010 that is causing the problem. We did verify the version numbers in both Office 2007 and 2010. The devices hang and the queues must be cleared and the device rebooted to correct. If you pull the Calibri font from Office 2007 and overwrite the Calibri font in 2010, it will correct the problem. This came from one of the Microsoft Answer Groups:


I have a case open with MS and the only thing that has helped thus far is an idea that I came up with...replacing the Calibri version 5.62 included with Office 2010 with the version 5.0 Calibri font of Office 2007.  That fixed the issue for us.   This only happens with Office related products and the new version of Calibri.  If I go into the font viewer and print the entire Calibri font from prints out fine. 


We tested at the customer and it corrected the issue. Below are a couple of the articles:



Here is more to chew on...


I, as you, have seen a number of things improve by deselecting “Advanced Printing Features”


Most noticed was the issue with Calibri Font failing to print or printing out wrong when it is not installed on their server (often Server 2003)  This allows the job to process on the client, where that font resides.



One of the issues with Office 2010 is that it uses a newer version of the Calibri font as its default.  Normally the print servers the clients are using don’t have this newer version installed.  One way of fixing this is to disable Advanced Printing Features.  Microsoft recommended loading the newer version of Calibri on the print server along with some complex scripts. 



Microsoft has recently published two relevant KB articles. - Print jobs using point and print on Windows 7 and Vista with Server 2003 as a print server may not print correctly or may cause printer errors - Print jobs initiated with Windows XP and Server 2003/2008 in a point and print environment may not print correctly with documents containing double-byte characters


The first KB article (2479426) specifically refers to sending the fonts within the job as bitmaps. The second KB article (2512013) refers to installing the missing fonts directly on the server, which has been demonstrated by installing Office 2010 on the server or simply copying the font library to  the server. Each of these have proven to be successful.


Lastly, the Administrator can disable the Advanced Printing Features in the driver, such that all spooling is done locally at the client in RAW format, therefore the fonts in question (Calibri) are available to the local spooler subsystem where Office 2010 has been installed.


Therefore our recommendation would be any of the following as noted above:
1. Install the necessary fonts on the printer servers directly (as in KB 2512013)
2. Install Office 2010 on the server and then remove or keep the application installed
3. Send fonts as bitmaps
4. Disable Advanced Printing Features (which may cause loss in functionality such as  Booklet and Watermark functions)