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Registered: ‎04-05-2011

Workcentre 5225 Paper Jam

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Hi All, this is really getting me.  In the bottom tray of my 5225 (tray 2) I have tabloid 11x17 paper for blueprint printing.  The upper tray contains 8.5x11 paper and works just fine.  When I try and print to tray two, the printer constantantly says 'Paper Jam" even though there is no paper jam.  I have taken tray 2 out, lowered the left side "B" tray, opened each door on the left side and there is simply no paper anywhere.  Yesterday I printed one sheet from tray two just fine.  Today, nothing.  Paper Jam, Paper Jam, Paper Jam.  Tray 2 is 3/4 full of paper and the paper path is absolutly clear.  


If I swap tray 2 into tray 1's position and then put tray 1 into tray 2's position, BOTH print just fine.  I have to tell the application where the size I want is, but it works just fine, both 8.5x11 and the 11x17 tabloid paper.  Now I have the Workcentre 5225 with a big black 2 in the upper tray and a big black 1 in the lower tray.  This works fine but if I reverse them, then the bottom tabloid tray goes back to paper jam.  


Does anyone have any idea as to what is going on with this 5225?


Thanks, Ron Lines

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