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Xerox 5740 Staple Upper Left

Hi.  Have a 5740 with the office finisher.  Can this setup print with the staple on the upper left corner rather than the upper right?  If so, how?  Always staples to the upper right on in both landscape and portrait.  Thanks.

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Re: Xerox 5740 Staple Upper Left

Not really.

Single staple happens on the edge of the paper that exits the machine last and the point towards the rear.

So if you print the job in reverse order, it will move the staple, if you rotate job 180 degrees it will move to the opposite corner.

You would need trial and error to get it right.


But an 8.5*11 Long edge feed paper (Portrait loaded in tray) will staple top left, to staple the top right, you would need to feed it Short edge feed (Loaded landscape in the tray)


Some printers can also choose between Face-up and Face-down printing, so check if you have that in your print driver.

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Registered: ‎04-13-2017

Re: Xerox 5740 Staple Upper Left

Thanks.  Yea, just needed to load the paper in "landscape" mode.