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shift in printed colors

i have workcenter 7556

using windows 10 /64 and the driver iam using is the last one downloaded by the printer home page 

when i print part of the image is shofted to another place in the same image and this part is of one color i think not the all colors

this problem apears well when i print on both sides of the paper or when i print many pages with no hold time between each other

sometimes when i print only one page and on only one face the image comes fine other times no

this happens with printing full color pages 

i tried to make a software reset , updated the printing drivers but no way 

please advise


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Re: shift in printed colors

It's a hardware issue, software won't help. The fuser is not fusing during short runs, meaning either:

1. The paper is heavier than programmed

2. Too much humidity in the room

3. Fuser is going and takes longer to reach full temperature.

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New Member
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎01-11-2018

Re: shift in printed colors

thanks for your reply but i noticed that when i print on different kind of paper ( hard texture paper ) it works fine, seems like this problem happens when i print on soft paper< and by the way i adjusted the printer to print on extra heavy paper and the paper iam using is 200 gm weight