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xerox 6605 wide format controller problemes

hello please i need your help if you can : i have an xerox 6605 wide format & i have a problem with the controller i have lost the system and i have two CDs one is (Os install / Recovery v4.3 b142) & the other one is ( kernel source CD v4.3 kernel 6) .& i don't know how can i use this CDs to repair my printer  

 when i  put the cds in the controller and i reboot it i followed all the steps he ask me to type the word ACCXES i really type it but finally after 10 min of waiting  I've got a black screen this is all .Sorry for my bad English




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Re: xerox 6605 wide format controller problemes

What reason are you doing the install for?


If you are reinstalling because it died, odds are that it was a hardware failure not software so until you diagnose and fix the hardware, a reinstall is not possible.


If you are going for a "Just to start fresh" approach and killed it, try ripping the CD/DVD and burn a new disk at the lowest possible speed, it is possible there is a problem with the disk that just might be worked around in this method. Also check for and attempt to repair any scratches.

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Re: xerox 6605 wide format controller problemes

thank you