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Alternative login ID for PrintSafe

I work for a hospital and we are using ID badges to login to printsafe. We have only moved two offices over this metod of printing so far, but we are looking to go live hospital wide over the next 2 months. One of the issues that was brought up to me in a meeting was what if someone forgets their ID badge. I looked into the alternative print safe ID login but the primary PIN is listed as their badge number which is pretty long and honestly isn't a number the most of our 950 employees know by heart. When I look on my PrintSafe server I see that there is a Primary PIN and a Legacy PIN listed, but when I go to our printers and select to use an alternative ID I don't even get the option to choose to use a Legacy PIN. So my question is, what is the Legacy PIN, can it be used as an alternative login, and if so how do I implement it?

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Re: Alternative login ID for PrintSafe

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They can log in using the alternate log in either of the following ways.


  1. Confirmation number.   Customer request a confirmation number and they can use it to release jobs
  2. LDAP authentication.. Windows credentials are used
  3. Card pin number of pin number.

 This is detailed in the administrator guide.   



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Re: Alternative login ID for PrintSafe

Thanks, I guess that's as good of an answer as any.