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Password protected accounting on a Xerox® VersaLink® C7025 MFP



My organisation has started using a Xerox VersaLink C7025 to replace a canon copier. The old copier used a User ID and Passcode system to manage print numbers and to charge departments for the printing they performed on site, and they are adamant that the service be recreated on the new Xerox. I have been experimenting with the accounting system, and haven't been able to find any suitable guidance on how this would be set up:


I was able to get the printer to accept jobs according to the user code by creating each code as a User Account and as a General Account on Xerox Standard Accounting, but the job would then cancel at the printer (with the error code suggesting it didn't recognise the username or password). I was then able to get the printer to prompt for a user ID and passcode by setting the driver to be secure print only, but as a result the job waits in the print queue displaying as 'transferred', with no obvious way of actually releasing the job on the local device.


Is there a definitive guide anywhere to setting up accounting on these devices? If not, does anyone have any advice on how I should adjust my current setup to sort this functionality out?


The printer is networked and connected to a print server using the Xerox Global Print Driver PCL6.

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Re: Password protected accounting on a Xerox® VersaLink® C7025 MFP

No password in XSA, you could I suppose replace the passcode with a group/general code.


This device has Standard Accounts and General Accounts. For all extensive purposes, think of General Accounts as Group Accounts.


With Standard Accounts, this device no longer uses ID’s per say.

When you create a Standard Account you are asked to enter a User Name, That is It..

The Username is your User ID





As you can see in the report, I made 3 prints total. My username and ID are the same. This is as design, since there is no means to create a User ID for a Standard User. Which personally, I would think would be easier.




Honestly, I think it would be best to generate the report without the User Name, since the User Name and the ID are the Same, Reports are a little more clean.  





If you MUST have a User Name and a User ID, this can be done using General Accounts. However, there is a caveat.


First, create a General Account with the same User Name as the Standard User, then access the Standard User Account , Click ‘Edit’ under Accounting and then add (“Link”) that user to its corresponding General Account.





Now, for the Caveat.. When printing the General Account would need to be set in order to track properly.


For example..



However , these can be set as a default using ‘Accounting Codes’, or as long as ‘remember last code’ is enabled, you will not need to enter the information in each time. The caveat though still remains, that users can still print by NOT entering the account ID



Here when looking at the reports, you would only Track the General Account, but you can still see which users do not use the account ID as if they have any totals from their top section.



After all this is Said..


The device is working as designed


Attachment is this post as a pdf

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