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Xerox Easy Translate App + Accounting on an Altalink

Hi there,


Having issues with the Easy Translate app on an Altalink with XSA enabled. The device works fine when you scan a document + send the translated document to email, or retrieve it from the Easy Translate web portal. However, if you try to print a translated local copy, it errors out every time due to Easy Translate not passing accounting codes.

Is there a way to bypass the accounting for the translate app, or is this just something we'll have to deal with?

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Re: Xerox Easy Translate App + Accounting on an Altalink

Hi Phansen,

Thank you for using the Support Forum.  Xerox Easy Translator Service Support is available via email - or at their website.  I hope they are able to answer your questions. 

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Registered: ‎01-11-2018

Re: Xerox Easy Translate App + Accounting on an Altalink

Thanks Cheryl... I had actually opened a ticket with them last summer about this issue. They were "looking into it" and then stopped updating me, ignored further emails.


I was hoping someone here had run into the issue & could shed some light on it... Seems like it would be a fairly common issue, tons of people use XSA and the translate app seems fairly popular.

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Re: Xerox Easy Translate App + Accounting on an Altalink

The issue is with every EIP app, Because the printer has nothing to do with them, it has no idea what they do, therefore it has been engineered that any and all EIP applications are capable of Print/Scan/Copy, even if they don't do any of them. Which is why no matter what you enable in XSA, Engineering added the Icon for a custom app as seen here.




This is not to say it can't be done, the apps could be developed to support the transfer of that information, otherwise they would have long ago stated it can't and won't be implemented. But I don't have an ETA as to when it will.


To be clear, I am not an Engineer, I don't work with them and don't support the App Gallery, nor the translates app. The above is just how I have been made to understand the matter.

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