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xerox 7220 scan

hi every one


i have an issue with my 7220 when i try to scan to pc via network when i use the IP adress of my computer the sacn works but when i use the host name it doesnt work, without to forget to mention that every thing is good the user name and the password ...ect


so please help me with this probleme.


thank you in advance.

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Re: xerox 7220 scan

The 7220 is not capable of hostname resolution unless it is on a Domain (Doesn't have Windows Networking embedded)

So you would need to have a Domain, and the device set to DHCP to get it to work.

Best bet is to set the LAN\Router to always assign the same IP to the server and printer and continue scanning to the IP.

Quick test to see if it is properly on a Domain and working is to make sure there is no red text on this screen here, although I am quite sure there will be. Especially since it doesn't work for you.



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Registered: ‎12-26-2017

Re: xerox 7220 scan

Thank you so much :D