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Apps will not install - States 'Installed' but cannot locate the App



We have a Xerox Work Centre 7830 with Firmware (Latest current version)


If I open the 'Xerox App Galery' on the MFC and then select any app, such as 'Google Drive' I can select 'Install' at which point the status changes to 'installing' then 'installed' however if I exit out of the Xerox App Galery the app returns to 'Install' and the app cannot be located on the device.


I called support but they didn't know why this was happening as it wasn't in their Knowledge Base yet.


Thanks in advance!!



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Re: Apps will not install - States 'Installed' but cannot locate the App

Go to Machine Status > Tools > Service Settings > Weblet Settings




Then Weblet Install Policy




And set it to Allow Installation




It really should just tell you when you attempt the install that you can't, but it doesn't, just pretends it worked.


I really hope that this was first level support, and that you were not told "it isn't in the knowledge base" by a 2nd level rep, because I am 2nd level for this device (For the USA) and we know this, at least we should. They should have put you through to 2nd level for sure. If you were, and are located in North America, please PM me the log number associated with the call and I will educate the rep on this matter. PLease do not post that info here.

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Re: Apps will not install - States 'Installed' but cannot locate the App

Hello Joe


Thank you so much!


I can now confirm we are able to install App's from the Xerox App Galery without any issue after following your solution.


It was indeed a 1st level technical support agent, to be honest it was so difficult to get much sense out of them and when they said it isn't in their knowledge base yet as it is an advanced feature I decided to just end the support call as they just pointed me in the direction of this forum.


As you mentioned you are a support engineer for this product I do have another question regarding a tray setting - I will post another topic to keep it this post relevent however I would appreciate it if you could keep a look out for it so that you may be able to assist.


Thank you so much for your help.