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Re: OneDrive App Issues

I have a WC7970, WC6655, and WC3655, all of which have the same software keyboard issue not showing up. We did hook up a standard USB keyboard into the 7970 and it works fine in place of the software version.


I read the statement earlier that said that the .066.08210 SPAR  will allow the app software keyboard to function. But all three of my machines are loaded with .075.34540, which is the version past 066.08210.

Am I correct in understanding that in order for the app to function correctly and get the software keyboard to function, I have to roll back a version??

If so, why didn't the latest versin include that fix?? 

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Re: OneDrive App Issues

Your version is actually significantly older.


When comparing ConnectKey version numbers to determine older/newer

1)ensure you only compare those that start with the same first 3 digits (073),

2) then look at the last 6 digits only.


New General release coming soon (because it was held): - 5=2015. 345=day 345 of the year. 40 is respin 4.

New SPAR release that just came out last week: - 6=2016. 082=day 82 of the year. 10 is respin 1.




608210 is a higher number than 534540.

The fixes and features that will be in the 073…5.34540 (general release) are also in 073…6.08210 (SPAR Release)


You have to go by version number and not posted dates since the General release takes a lot longer to go through testing than the spar releases

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