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fail scan to folder app studio

Good day,

This is to request support please on the following case that I expose below: In one of our clients, an App of the Studio App was installed, which was Scan to folder. it is generates an error on the screen and they are for two reasons:

1) It does not scan through the glass

2) By repeatedly hitting the Start button (green)

When this error occurs, it generates templates of .XST format and does not send the scanned document, this means that each time the error occurs it will create this "Garbage" template. Several procedures were done such as, reinstalling the app, and updating the firmware to a newer version and the result was the same.

Discarding also was scanned locally and it did not give any error.


Version Firmware:

machine: WC 3655

app to install: Scan to Folder (app Studio)


best regards


Reinaldo zerpa



Xerox Employee
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Re: fail scan to folder app studio

Hello, Reinaldo. 


Thank you for the message. 


The generation of the .xst template file is an issue that we are aware of.  We have a defect in the system that will address the cleanup of these files.  As you have noted, these files are only created in cases where there is an error during the scan.  There is a workaround for removing the unwanted files that can be used until we have this resolved.  There are a couple ways to manually remove them:  1) the files can be removed from the device by selecting and deleting them from the Scan tab of the device CWIS or 2) from the Completed Jobs tab on the Job Status screen at the device.


I also have a thought that might help with the Scan to Folder error that the customer is experiencing (the root cause for the .xst file generation).   I am going on an assumption that the customer is using a CK device.  The CK device wants the username entered in a certain format.  Could you have the user try placing a slash (/) in front of the username, please?  Does the printer produce a printout following the scan failure?  The printout should be titled something similar to “Workflow Scanning Confirmation Report”.  If this printout exists, would you be able to tell me what error is being generated by the device?  The error is in the upper right on the Confirmation Report.  The error that is returned might help us pinpoint the cause of the error.   Note:  The device might be set to not print a report on failure and that's okay. 


I think that the credential mismatch might be the reason why scanning from the glass is not working.  I tried this in our lab.  I removed the slash from the username and scanning did not work from either the glass or the feeder (From the feeder the page was pulled in and scanned, but was never sent to the repository.).  Once the credentials were entered correctly, I was able to successfully scan to a shared folder from both the glass and from the feeder.   The "Unexpected Error” that the customer experienced did not display on screen at the device during my test.  So, it is very possible that the underlying cause may be something different.   Please let me know if adding the slash to the username does not correct the issue and I'll continue to investigate. 


I hope that this information is helpful.  Please let me know if any additional questions/issues come up.

Thank you,

XAS Moderator

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Re: fail scan to folder app studio



I have similar error from Scan to folder by FTP (created by App Studio) with Versalink B405, It works correctly at the beginig  but when you push the button Start scanning on the device, the device doesn't scan and show the error, and the scanner never works again in this way...

Send Error

Unexpected error while send the job to scan

Try to resend the job, press start to resend





error de envio.JPG

Xerox Employee
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Registered: ‎05-10-2013

Re: fail scan to folder app studio

Hello, Shey. 


The message in the screen capture below can occur if the file to scan is not seated properly in the feeder or the device couldn't properly detect or scan the file for some reason.  I recommend removing the file from the feeder, exiting the app and selecting Reset on the device Home screen.  After that, re-seat your file in the document feeder, relaunch your Scan to FTP app and try your scan again. 


If the Start button become unresponsive, as you noted, open and close the top cover (as if you were placing a file on the glass).  After that you should be able to scan without any trouble.  Did the Unexpected error occur before the Start button stopped working properly?  This can happen after an error has occurred on the device.


I hope that this information is helpful.  Please let me know if the issues are not resolved and I will investigate further. 

Thank you, 

XAS Moderator