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Re: 7545 - Fax Number Import facility



I don't get the complaining, this is a "Community Suggestion Box", do you see the COMMUNITY part in it?




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Re: 7545 - Fax Number Import facility

this is 100% correct, the address book only accepts the entries for : e-mail address & internet fax. WHY NOT THE FAX NUMBER???? A truly unbelievable oversight in the software!


We originally bought a WC7225 - on that machine you can import the address book with fax numbers via the web interface - but there's no way to access the fax numbers through speed dial !!!!  Yet another unbelievable oversight in the software!  


XEROX replaced our WC7225 with a WC7525 which allows speed dial faxing (essential to us) but the new machine can't import the fax # list


We have hundreds of customers in our fax list, and frequent changes

The WC 7225 can upload them via web interface but there's no way to access them via speed dial

The WC 7525 can access them via speed dial but there's no way to upload them - we have to enter all the fax numbers individually by typing them on the touchscreen This takes hours and it's totally unacceptable, when a similar machine from your own company (WC7225) already has this possibility


Also be aware of this Critical security flaw in the Workcenter 75xx-series fax software : when sending a fax using the walkup fax feature, the recipient list is not flushed after pressing "Start" - If you're not careful you can unwittingly send a fax to the previous recipient in addition to the intended recipient! 


Try it out: send a fax, then within 1 minute try to send another fax - the previous recipient's number remains in the destination list !!!!


Imagine sending a confidential internal fax to one of your customers without knowing it ...


The option to clear the recipient list after pressing start is available in the e-mail service

(in web interface: under 'properties'> e-mail> setup> 'security' tab> user policies> "Clear   "To:", "Cc:", and "Bcc:" fields after selecting the Start button:"

Why isn't the same option available (and enabled by default) in the walkup fax software ??


Truly happy with the hardware, but truly disappointed by glaring mistakes in XEROX software and the apparent unwillingness to do anything about it. These important issues can easily be fixed by updating a few lines of code. 


Instead, the reply is always "this is impossible" ... but we all know better

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Re: 7545 - Fax Number Import facility

Hi Ponyszkow,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. I understand your frustration but unfortunately you can only enter the fax information from the control panel.  You can create a address book so that after the first entry the addresses you use most often can be available to you quickly. 

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7545 - Fax Number Import facility



We are a new Xerox customer, with a trio of these fantastic machines (and I mean that sincerely - they are far superior to our outgoing Rick-O machines), but I am dumbfounded by the fact that you cannot import a list of fax numbers and contact names into the system. Embeded Fax.


When I was four years old humans successfully landed a manned spacecraft on the moon, people actually walked on another planet, they drove a car up there, and we built machines to bring tham back to earth. Alive.


On my 48th Birthday humans remotely piloted a spacecraft to land on Mars, some 225 Million Kilometers away, and controlled it remotely to drive around, sample rocks ant take photos in the search for ET life.


It's incredulous that on an equally fantastic machine, the 7545, you have to stand at the touch-screen and type in your Fax ricipients.


Come on guys, you can do better than that !!




Peter Onyszkow

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