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dan Frequent Member
Frequent Member

An interest notification

I like helping people.  So when i peruse this forum i'm looking to see if there is something someone has a problem with that i could perhaps help with.  But at the moment that means looking through each post to see if it is something i can help with.  My suggestion would be to have subscribers and option to be notified when there is a posting that fits the certain criteria that they outline.  For instance i would put in Xerox 800 1000 1000i  770 136 Windows 7, 8.1, and when someone posts something with those keywords it would notify me of the post.  Perhaps just flag a post with an indicator of particular interest to me.



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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
Community Manager

Re: An interest notification

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the wonderful idea.  I will look into the subscription features and see if there is something that will address your suggestion.  If not I will check with our programmers to see if we can add features to the subscriber function.  Thank you so much for your continued participation on the forum.  I am sure many people have benefited from the input and answers you have provided. 


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iglehartaoi3 New Member
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Re: An interest notification

I think xenforo has a notifications feature that we use for our forum which is simple and effective. I am not sure how this board is configured. I am guessing it's a custom script.

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