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drprint New Member
New Member

C75 Press with Integrated Fiery - Siqa versus tray alignment

We are a small print shop that uses a C75 Press with an Integrated Fiery. We use the Command Workstation tray alignment procedure, but we are having problems with alignment that this procedure does not seem to correct.


We have problems with the image not being printed straight on the paper (skewed), no matter what kind is being used, and whether or not it is one-sided or duplexed. We are getting printed lines on the edges of our paper, that are spaced about 1/8" apart and can be visibly seen by looking at the edge of a stack of paper. The lines carry over onto the face of the paper, which sometimes results in wasted product depending on how we have set the job up.


Tech support has been called. The tech on the phone seemed to know exactly what our issues was and called in a remote specialist. The remote specialist basically rolled his eyes and said that we needed to be using Siqa.


My question/concern is that we have had this copier for 2 years and we are now just finding out about Siqa. It seems as everyone is passing the buck as far as this program and who and when we should have been notified about it.


I would like to hear from other users of the Siqa Program to find out the ins and outs of it, and whether or not it has been useful to them.

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Moderator SandyP-Xerox

Re: C75 Press with Integrated Fiery - Siqa versus tray alignment

Hi drprint.

Please check your email for more information on SIQA from our technical support.

Do not hesitate to call in at 1800 821 2797 and have a ticket created if you need further assistance.

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: C75 Press with Integrated Fiery - Siqa versus tray alignment

Hi drprint.


If you never got an answer, it can be summed up quickly as the following.


SIQA programs the printer/copier to lay the image down correctly at the hardware level, it will apply to print and copy and is much more powerful.


Fiery Tray Alignment actually does nothing to the tray itself, it tells the Fiery to compensate for the hardware shift at a software level, this is why it only applies to the job, and not everything that uses that paper, and definitely cannot affect the output of a copy.


It is not free though, you have to get it through Sales. It can be seen here.



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fiery Occasional Advisor
Occasional Advisor

Re: C75 Press with Integrated Fiery - Siqa versus tray alignment

It sounds like you are getting 'tick marks' on the edge. This can happen when the registration is severely out of alignment. You should have a tech come in and baseline the machines reg. first. Then start using SIQA. You can put it on your dfe monitor if it is a FACI setup or on another pc. If you don't have SIQA on any of your disks you received with your machine you should be able to get it from a tech.

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FreeFlow User

Re: C75 Press with Integrated Fiery - Siqa versus tray alignment

If you've never used SIQA then first get a technician to do a base alignment. Once that's done look for the CD's that came with the machine one of them is called SIQA (Simple Image Quality Adjustment). Its installable on a PC. 


We have videos about this I can share with you if you don't have them. People love this tool. If you don't have the CD I can help you and get you a link to it. 





RandyD Frequent Member
Frequent Member

Re: C75 Press with Integrated Fiery - Siqa versus tray alignment

I would love to see the video's on SIQA adjustment. My C60 has been baselined by the technician after the 2nd BTR was replaced and he has it dialed in pretty close. I'm noticing that different weight stocks are slightly different front to back and would like to 'dial' it in tighter for each type of stock with SIQA.


When I get to the point of maying paper/tray alignment profiles do I have to login to the C60 as admin and switch the tray setting to the profile when I switch stocks?

Randy Devost | Wearer of many hats :)
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