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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Feature Enhanced Request to ConKey GR 2.0i

If you are a Xerox partner you should have access to submit a FER yourself.

Please be sure to select "Accept Solution" and or select the thumbs up icon to enter Kudos for posts that resolve your issues. Your feedback counts!

Joe Arseneau
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Feature Enhanced Request to ConKey GR 2.0i

Hello Xerox Team,


I´m a Xerox-Partner analyst from Germany, searching for a forum to place some feedbacks from test positions and new customer installations.

Problem: we lost some customers in case of some "unlovely" functions within the new ConKey 2.0i series especially on WorkCentre 78xx/72xx series.

Maybe some other forum member will read this who had the same experience.


1.) Warning Message between switching from one quickstartbutton scan-profile to another quickstartbutton scan-profile.

A lot of customers asked me, whre they can deactivate this warning message. I talked to 2nd Level and asked for a hidden webpage function, but there is no possibility to deactivate this.


2.) System go stop within a function

If the left output trayis assigned to a function and somebody has flipped the tray back to closed position, another one is try to copy some sheets, the system looks like hung up in the last function. There is only a very small message in the black message field of the panel, that you should have flip back the tray & copying, printing is not possible. Often customer call me and say: " the system doesn´t work, what can we do?"

In earlier versions and on older systems the machine has give out the paper independently to another tray and had left a message "paper given out to output tray xz, in case of default output tray is off.

So, it would be very nice if this function will come back. If the output tray is defect and no administrator has left his passcode, there is no chance to switch the functions to another output tray and the system stands till.


3.) (only a little one) :Fax-Header-Fill-In-Field by http: can catch more letters than the system can print in his header. Sometimes this makes confusion to customer.


Well, i hope that I explained all points easily. Mayby there are some good point for feature enhaneced requests.


Greetigs from Dreye / Germany

Jörg Haseler

printing and more GmbH

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