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Re: First Level Technical Support Agents Need Better Training And Resources ( 1-800-939-3769 )

Hello UWDPrintAdmin.

Thank you for using the forum.  From your post we have identified two problems - 1) the URL link the agent sent did not work and 2) when you asked for second level support you encountered resistance.

To help you further we need to get your contact information and serial number.  Please check your Private Messages for an email from me requesting your information.

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Re: First Level Technical Support Agents Need Better Training And Resources ( 1-800-939-3769 )

Hey you!


First level support are told to ask specific questions to everyone, you will get forced to answer those questions as it should be in your contract (if you have one).

And it's true, first level support are told to follow specific sheets, but this does not mean they are brain dead, xerox supervisors do listen in on the calls as they warn for in the beginning of your call, and if first level support does not follow the rules and try to solve your problems with the sheets they have, they do lose their bonuses.

Which is a lot of money to someone who earns the minimum wage.


They should have enough training to handle your case differently but thats not allowed.

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First Level Technical Support Agents Need Better Training And Resources ( 1-800-939-3769 )

I am an IT administrator for a medium sized company and we have 2 new Xerox copiers ( 7775 5855 ) and I have had a number of years of experience with slightly older Xerox hardware.  Today I had to call Xerox tech support on a question related to scanning template setup in Centreware.  The first level agent did understand my question and proceeded to email me a URL link to a Xerox web page that turned out be unavailable. 


I understand the business model of getting low cost labour to do first level technical support but at least provide the meager tools you allow first level to actually work.  And I also have a problem with first level not being allowed to do anything without a script or the instruction sheets.  If you want to provide good technical support then you have to allow those people to use their brains and do some critical thinking.  If they can't do that brain work then the job of tech support is not for them.


And lastly, if a customer asks to be transferred to second level support because the technical problem is of an advanced nature - DO NOT PENALIZE the first level agent.  As a customer who happens to be in a IT administrator, I am a darn good judge on whether or not a first level agent is going to be able to handle my problem.  Do not force me to waste my time dealing with first level support when I know I am going to be escalated anyways.