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drprint New Member
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Greyscale vs. Black printed in 4 color

Scenario: I'm using a C75 Color Press, with Fiery Command Workstation 5 to print a booklet that has a full 4 color front and back page with the inside (guts) printing in black (100% black  - no 4 color black).


On my black pages where there are text and screens combined, it comes out looking like the text is SPREAD and the screens look MUDDY. Our Xerox tech says that it is because the C75 is making the black out of 4 color and the dots (black, cyan. magenta, and yellow) are not lining up exactly. They say that it is within their specs, but it looks blurry to me and not the quality I want to give my customers. 


Is there a work around to making the 4 color black text look like it does when it prints in grayscale (crisp and clear) other than

outputting the cover and guts separately? That means you need other options for the fold and stitching and it defeats the purpose of having a finisher that can do all of that.


I don't understand why, when the Black Detection selection in Command Workstation is selected that black doesn't print out in 100% Black Toner. It seems like a waste of toner (cyan, magenta & yellow) to print black, unless you are specifically looking for a Rich Black - Black.


Also note that I am using a very smooth finish text weight paper.



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Technical Escalation Support EdithJA
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Re: Greyscale vs. Black printed in 4 color


Can you insert (a part of) the image to show the blurr?

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JamesM New Member
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Re: Greyscale vs. Black printed in 4 color


 unless you're on a special service contract, you're paying approx 4 times more for full color black than using 100% black.


If you have an external fiery.


You can program full color covers and grayscale inside body in print properties.

under (Color) folder, select CMYK

In the MEDIA folder, scrole to the bottom (Mixed media),

Select (New Page Range), under (Define Media for Pages) enter the inside pages that are grayscale ie; 1-12, 15, 18-22, etc..

Go to (Color Mode) and select grayscale. Sometimes in desktop CW5, grayscale is not a choice.

If thats the case, under Color) folder, select grayscale, and in the (MEDIA) folder, use (Define Covers) and select CMYK.


Hope this helps




drprint New Member
New Member

Re: Greyscale vs. Black printed in 4 color



I am submitting a jpg - greyscale file. This however is not a true representation of the file or program I am using to print from. I am working within Quark XPress, the file was too big to attach. All elements of this page are either a font or a gradient screen that was made in Quark XPress.

Thank you for your interest.




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drprint New Member
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Re: Greyscale vs. Black printed in 4 color

Thank you for the suggestions. I am familiar with the Mixed Media folder and selecting page ranges, however I never really experimented with changing the color modes within that area. I tried the different suggestions you had, but none of them printed without looking blurry (or spread). Side note: I've checked my click charges before and after output and they seem to be correct in that I there is one color output for the cover and the rest are black impressions.
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Re: Greyscale vs. Black printed in 4 color

Hi drprint,
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You may consider contacting our specific product support experts for customers in the USA at the following link:
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If the 2nd level center analysts are not able to assist then they can escalate your questions to a Service Provider or Analyst to help you get the results.


Mitch Swetsky
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