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Re: Invalid/Incompatible Ink Sticks

I also have been EXTREMELY frustrated at the lack of plain information about the mysterious ink compatibility. I bought a second-hand printer (done it many times) and some genuine xerox ink for more money than I've ever spent for ink in my life. There was no marking on the ink or on the printer to guide me. But of course, I bought "metered" ink for a non-metered printer.


After much frustration, I am informed by tech support that these are simply and permanently incompatible. I'm not eligible to sign up for a metered program; I can pay for a tech to come to our location, which may or may not work; I can't return the ink. I paid a large amount of money for nothing, and I just feel stupid, like I fell for a carnival trick. Like I paid for a crooked game, and I'm supposed to just smile and keep walking and pretend like it's OK. Of course it's a rip-off. That's part of the fun!

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Re: Invalid/Incompatible Ink Sticks

Hi mmori.

We have escalated your issue and concerns to the product team and they have asked for your serial number and contact information.  Please private message me this information so that we may contact you.


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Invalid/Incompatible Ink Sticks

Being unable to find anyone to stand behind my second-hand Xerox ColorQube 8700/X or brand-new Xerox ink sticks is VERY FRUSTRATING!!!


I'm feeling very negative about Xerox right now, but between rants, I have two constructive suggestions:


First, there should be a way for the user to easily tell (FOR FREE) whether his/her own printer is suffering an actual technical problem, or just broken by Xerox regionalization efforts or previous enrollment in some kind of metered supplies program.


Secondly, there should be a way to easily reset supply codes (FOR FREE) so the user can switch to using store-bought ink in his/her own printer. I am baffled by how hard this is to accomplish--all I've learned so far is that enrolling in the Xerox metered supply program can lead to user-unresolvable issues down the road.


I am disappointed and offended by the questionable practice of Xerox Support initially saying a $300+ technician visit is required without any attempt at mutually cost-effective online support--as much as I've already paid for Xerox ink sticks, in those same emails, Xerox could have easily sent me a possible solution.


I am at the moment too ticked off to take the next option offered me and pay $25 for phone support to get the mysterious code "snippet" which, furthermore, may or may not resolve this issue...but if this does turn out to be all for the privilege of using authentic Xerox ink, metered or not...AARRRGH!!!


I'm really questioning my decision to purchase a ColorQube, despite my initial excitement about trying out solid ink technology. What good is this machine if it's going to be hamstrung by the company that made it?


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