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Re: Xerox Fault Codes

We got a V80 a few months ago. I only recently noticed a disc (probably a DVD) that came with all the packaging that says something like Customer Service Support or something similar to that. It is supposed to have all the error codes and explanations for the Versant 80 on it. If you can't find your copy, I'll throw that disc in when I get back to work on Monday and see what error that is. I too see error codes pop up on my V80 at random times, but for me, it keeps on printing fine. I'm using Fiery and Command Workstation for imposing and printing.

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Re: Xerox Fault Codes

The Xerox site doesnt show me the fault code that I have.. Im running a V80 and its code 012-299 I have a booklet finisher that ONLY does booklet fold and half fold. I get this code when I am NOT using the booklet maker and it just randomly happens.. Usually when Im trying to print 750+ copies.. No one has been able to tell me why I am getting this code and what it means.. If you could halp it would be greatly appreciated. 


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Re: Xerox Fault Codes

I would love to have a list, generated from this website, of all fault codes for our machines that I could print out. No, I'm not going to do any "technical" work due to a fault code...that's for the techs that come to service them. BUT, it would be nice to have an idea of what's going on with the machine when faults happen, speaking as a printer of course.


Also, when I use your search feature for fault codes, several that appear on our D125 are not found when searching.



Re: Xerox Fault Codes

Hi EasrGrayHot,
Thank you for using the Xerox forum.

I would suggest that you review the following site when you have questions about specific faults and their descriptions

You can enter the product model and get to the support site for that product.  where there are many other helpful resources .


Fault code descriptions are shown for the Customer Actionable solutions and when they are not shown it is usually an indicator that a service technician with his service documentation is required.


We realize that Fault code Isolation when not performed in the appropriate order according to the service documentation, can easily cause damage to the device as well as potential injury to users. For example a fault may be displayed when a page stops by a specific switch but the detailed documentation gets to the cause of why the page stopped where looking at the switch is completely unrelated.


This is why the Service Provider is trained to work on the device when they get the service documentation.


Anytime you wish additional information related to codes displayed you can use the support web link above to research and contact the appropriate center.

If you are outside the USA you should contact the local support center in your area which you can find here:

Mitch Swetsky
Xerox Customer Tools & Social Media Moderator

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Re: Xerox Fault Codes

I have a D125 printer/copier and would love to have access to ALL of the fault codes but I cannot get them to come up.  I see the option but it's grayed out and I cannot select it.

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Occasional Advisor
Occasional Advisor

Re: Xerox Fault Codes

Hi joie.

There is a fault code link on the specific product page.

Each of our products has a link to a fault code page as seen on this image.   



Go to and type Nuvera into the search field.  Select the correct model.

Select the Support link.

On the Product Support page you will see the link to the Fault Code Search.  Select it to see a list of the Fault Codes.

You can right mouse click on the page and 'Select all' to copy the list. 


Do the same for your other product.


Let me know if you need more help.

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New Member
New Member

Xerox Fault Codes

Is there a comprehensive database of fault codes (for Nuveras and 5000 APs) somewhere on the website? Or anywhere at all, for that matter. It sometimes helpful to us, as operators, to get an idea of what is causing the problem and/or where the problem is originating.

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