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Re: 062-380 error

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how can i solve this error 062-380
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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: 062-380 error

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Yeah, call for service.

062-371, 380, 386, 393 Lamp Illumination Fail RAP
BSD-ON: BSD 6.3 Document Illumination and Image Input
062-371 Insufficient light from Lamp detected in CCD (during white gradation correction/agc
before scan starts)
062-380 Insufficient lamp brightness was detected when performing AGC.
062-386 A CCD output error was detected when performing AOC.
062-393 Write failure to the Shading Memory has occurred.

Basically, the light that moves across is off or too dim to capture the image to do a copy/scan. And no, it certainly isn't normal. The only way you could have caused the issue is to have mishandled the device so bad it would be obvious by the external damage.

Yes, Xerox can fix it, and on-site coverage means they send the tech to you, instead of you sending the printer to them.

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Joe Arseneau

062-380 error

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Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: Windows 10

Hello All

I purchased this machine in January from a third party seller and came home to find that the device was blinking red yesterday with this error code:

"Fault or Error 062-380" 

the machine seems to print just fine however it will not go into power saving mode and will not copy/scan.

i have barely used the printer (167 impressions), let alone even had the chance to run any major scans.

my questions:

How does this happen? i have scanners over 10 years old that still scan perfectly.

Can Xerox fix it?

What is OSS4 - ON-SITE COVERAGE and would it apply to this? the warranty lookup says im covered till 2023.

Is there a way to fix this myself?

if it can't be fixed can the error be turned off so i retain my power saving mode?

any helps appreciated thanks in advance.