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Xerox Analyst
Xerox Analyst

Re: 3635 scan to email - it's splitting PDF docs into multiple emails

hello, I found this information via I hope you find it useful.


Solution : Description of Maximum E-mail Message Size

When setting up e-mail and requesting to split into fragments, the printer will send split e-mails in 7 MB or 3.5 MB sizes rather than the maximum 10 MB requested.

The size of attachments cannot be used to determine the maximum message size. SMTP requires attachments to be encoded for transmission; in our case via Base64.

If a network trace is performed, the displayed amount of data required to be sent exceeds the size of the actual attachment by approximately 30%. This is because the attachment is encoded. The encoding includes headers, message body, and such.

The encoded attachment is what the maximum message size and number of fragments is based on; the total data transmitted not the actual attachment size. Any increase in the amount of data being sent (such as when encryption is enabled) will cause more, and smaller fragments.

Margo Valens, Xerox Customer Trainer
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3635 scan to email - it's splitting PDF docs into multiple emails

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Our 3635, when scanning a file well under the 10MB max, is splitting an 8-page black and white document into 2 4-page attachments (and 2 separate emails).  Has anyone any ideas how to fix this?


Plus, it takes a long time to process the scan.  Perhaps because the domain and IP address are still configured to a pre-confgured domain which is not ours?


Any thoughts on either issue would be appreciated.

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