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3655 Faxing issue

A busy medical office uses what they call "batch faxing" to "scan" various documents into files.  They used to have a 3635 but just upgraded to the 3655.  On the 3635, they would send a document to this one fax number, hit send and then proceed to send another document to the same fax number, etc. and the documents would appear as separate files which they then input into patients' files in a third party application.  On the 3655, the issue they're having is they will send a fax to this one fax number and as the screen reads "dialing" they will hit the "program next job" button and proceed to send a second document in a separate fax to the same number.  What's happening is, instead of these jobs appearing as separate files, all of the documents are being saved as ONE PDF file.  Its as if the machine says "oh, you're trying to send this job to the same number as the last one, so let me do it in one transmission" instead of creating a queue and sending them separately (hanging up, re-dialing, sending, etc)  I know the 3655 has a different controller than their old machine, but shouldn't the fax jobs process separately?  They don't really have time to stand there and make sure the first one completes before sending the next one.  Their workflow requires them to fax sometimes several documents at a time and they want each one to be sent separately.  Right now they either have to stand there and wait, or edit the .pdf once it arrives to break them up into separate .pdf files.  Is there a setting that can fix this?

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Re: 3655 Faxing issue

Its called Batch Send and it wasn't turned on by default, so they turned it on.


Go to Machine status > Tools > Service Settings > Embedded Fax Settings > Transmission Defaults > Batch Send and put it back to Disabled.



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Joe Arseneau
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