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Re: 4265 Landscape Stapling

Replying to my own post to add....I was looking for an "original orientation" setting like some of the bigger devices have, so I could designate the original as being landscape, but couldn't find any such setting.  I guess "auto-rotating" isn't a thing on these devices since there's only one way to feed the paper? I'm stumped. 

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4265 Landscape Stapling

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I have a 4265 that will not landscape staple while copying.  The only way to feed docs into the ADF is SEF.  Also, paper can only be loaded in the trays SEF as well.  Say I have an original that is already in landscape format.  I load it face up in the ADF SEF (only way), select staple landscape, and it comes out stapled on the wrong corner.  The only fix we can seem to find is loading the originals FACE DOWN, going in and selecting 2-sided, and landscape staple.  Obviously this many steps isn't going to fly.  I cannot find this issue addressed anywhere in firwmare or SPAR for this device.  I also do not see any landscape staple options in the print driver.  We are using the Global Print Driver PCL6.  Any ideas?  

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