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Xerox Analyst
Xerox Analyst

Re: 5150 fax default - print confirmation

Hello, you can modify the fax transmission report as per the information below from .


Solution : Modify the Fax Transmission (Confirmation) Report Option

  1. Access the Tools menu on the Touch Screen. See the Related Items below for additional information.
  2. Select the [More] button twice.
  3. Select the [Fax Setups] button.
  4. Select the [More] button.
  5. Select the [Fax Report] button.
  6. Select the [Transmission Report] button.
  7. Select the frequency of the transmission report. The options are:
    • Always Print
    • Print on Error
    • Off (Disable)
  8. Select the [Save] button.
  9. Select the [Close] button.
  10. Select the [Exit Tools] button.
Solution : Access the Tools Menu (System Administrator)
  1. Press the [Access] (key symbol) button on the Control Panel to enter the Tools Mode. The Authentication Login screen will be displayed.

  2. Select the [Login] button on the Touch Screen.
  3. Enter your username using the keyboard on the Touch Screen, and then select [Enter].
  4. Enter your password using the numeric keypad on the Control Panel, and then select [Enter]. The Pathway Options screen will be displayed.

    NOTE: The default username is "admin" and the default password is "1111." The password will be displayed as an asterisk (*). If you make a mistake, press the [Clear (C)] button on the Control Panel and re-enter the password. To cancel the operation, press the [Cancel] button. If you are experiencing problems with your username or password, or have forgotten either of them, contact your administrator.

Margo Valens, Xerox Customer Trainer
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5150 fax default - print confirmation

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We have a Xerox 5150 Workcentre model that will not consistantly print out a confirmation after a fax goes through.  The only way to get it to print is to go to Fax; Added Fax Features; Fax Sending Features; Transmission Options; Transmission Report; then checking the radio button to "on".  

Then it will print one; but after that fax it defaults right back to the 'off" position.  

Our work around has been to print out the whole transmission list afterwards, but in our office this is very inconvenient.


Please help!! 

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