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Re: 7120 Workcentre - scan to email shrinking

I am seeing the same issue - I just upgraded to - waiting to see if it solves the issue.  In additon, on the same machine we are having another type of scanning issue - wonder if you are seeing this - after scanning to email, some pdf's are corrupted and will not open - states there is an Acrobat error - I think it's related to the version of Adobe 10 or 11 but I'm still investigating.

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7120 Workcentre - scan to email shrinking

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Hi, very weird issue here - client is scanning to email and everything works fine for months now. Suddenly the number of pages they can scan and email started dropping - 30+ pages used to be fine, then last week they couldn't get past 22, now it is down to 12-14 at a time. I'm assuming the scanning stops before the attachment is compiled and the email sent under normal circumstances - so is this indicative of a memory or hard drive issue?


There are no limits on the size of attachments at the email server that would affect this as we have been testing with the same document that worked earlier of over 30 pages - although the email server doesn't come into play until after the scanning is done.


No changes have been made to the network, printer, or server in at least the couple months. Printer is running latest firmware.


Any ideas what would cause this issue or how to resolve it?




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