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maxigenous New Member
New Member

7220 Web SMTP Test Succeds but Device Cannot Scan



We have a 7220 at the office. Eventhough I set up SMTP preferences without problem and can receive test mail sent via web but when I go to the device for sending a scan. Device cannot send and gives a failure print. 


Can you advice a solution to this?


Do I need to set DNS or anything else to send e-mail scans?




p.s. SMTP is from Yahoo mail.



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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: 7220 Web SMTP Test Succeds but Device Cannot Scan

There are 2 authentication fields, whatever the bottom one is set to on yours is correct and the top is incorrect because the bottom screen is what the test email and any email notification uses, but the top one is what gets used when sending from the device itself. So make the top one match the bottom one.



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mohammed_k Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Re: 7220 Web SMTP Test Succeds but Device Cannot Scan

dear max 

plz make shur you have add the same email in the From Field : 


find the attached SMTP.png


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