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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: 7225 using workflow scanning to copy books

The workaround. assuming you have rights to make copies of whatever it is, is to do the same job as a copy (this can still be done) then scan the copy output to pdf.


It isn't elegant, but it works.


 I think because of Intellectual Property threats/lawsuits it isn't used on Xerox MFP's.

Too easy for people make a pdf of a $2000 text book for example and sell the pdf to other students is an example of why.


It was always a thing on FujiXerox made machines, but wasn't as far as I have seen, made available to Xerox machines


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Joe Arseneau
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7225 using workflow scanning to copy books

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Xerox 7225 workcenter



I am trying to make a scanned pdf document of a bound book. Previously, I have used the book copying option to make paper copies. This setting is very useful as it allows for two pages to be copied at once. However, there is no option for book scanning in the workflow scanning set up. Is there any type of work around or way to reconfigure the settings to allow for scanning of two pages of a book at a time each becoming a seperate pdf page. 



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