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Joe Arseneau
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Re: 7428 wont scan to email

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Email wasn't phased out at all, but SHA-2 was never implemented in the first place, but in the years the machine was developed for, SHA-2 didn't exist, or at least was not in use.


But the big dogs (Gmail, Yahoo, Office365) all promised a few years ago to implement it, and started to enforce it in January 2016 in a staggered rollout, as soon as they did, all the smaller ones jumped on board and did so as well.


Lots of things didn't and don't support it, printers are a big one though, and if a company isn't selling the printer, they make nothing by developing new firmware for it, so they don't.


Had FujiXerox ever guaranteed that they would support SHA-2, they would have coded a fix, but they didn't. They did release fixes for all the machines that they still developed for, the oldest models I know of were the 53XX and the 72XX models, and that was only because enough paying customers demanded it.


But since your model didn't get a fix, you would basically need an inhouse unauthenticated, or outdated server to use, or a mediary, like SMTP2Go

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Joe Arseneau
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7428 wont scan to email

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with regards to Fuji controller,i have down laoded the new firmware for SHA-2 but still getting this error codes (016-767) and (017-714)

this printer use to work perfectly scanning to email, but all of sudden quit.

I have reached out but still cant figure whats up.

Does it mean the scan to email has been faced out on this 7428 machine?

please looking for solutions by all means necessary.

Thank you

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