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Re: 7525 Copier Problem

The most likely cause of this error is a loss of voltage to the scanner or a defective scan lamp. It may also just be a general loss of voltage due to a defective power supply or a shorted component. You are probably not going to be able to resolve this without a service call. Troubleshooting this type of problem can be intensive. High voltages are present in these areas which are very dangerous. You may get lucky enough for it to boot occasionally, but the problem will not go away. I strongly recommend you call for service to avoid further damage. Good luck.
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7525 Copier Problem

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Hello, I am currently getting a fault on my 7525 copier. The fault says "Scanner has failed to initialize.." I have restarted the machine, disconnected power, checked the external connections and the fault remains. I have compared this machine to a known good machine and noticed that mine does not have a light when you open and close the top lid. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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