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Andymo Member

7830i poor quality when copying



We have 2 new devices of type 7830i.
The problem is the poor quality when copying. Are there any options for setting? Reduce compression, increase resolution?

Firmware: Installed: 2017 Februar 16 — 10:41:57


Our old WC7232 has a better quality when copying.


Here are my two examples

Above the printout with PC
Down the copy of the print





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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: 7830i poor quality when copying

You can't change resolution because it always prints and scans full res for copies since file size doesn't matter in the case of copies.


All the quality options are in the Image Quality tab




Copy quality is considerable better when set to Color than it is when set to Auto Detect, and the Original Type can drastically change the output

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Andymo Member

Re: 7830i poor quality when copying

Thank you very much!

The following settings are much closer to the original.





techfinance New Member
New Member

Re: 7830i poor quality when copying

Awesome. Very useful information on the 7830i settings.

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