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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: 8560MFP different C2424 ???

Hi Frank,


Below you can find my thoughs about your post.

For general info, my C2424 is on firmware 5.98 and my 8560MFP on 8.54.  


1) I have never came across with this behaviour. My C2424 does pull the paper as soon you place it on the feeder but it will take it just half-way waiting still for using the "start" button that it will actually copy... And This behaviour is generic on Xerox products, as far as I am aware of...

 I have just tested couple of products and all of them seem to have consistent behaviour to what I have just wrote.


2) I have the same behaviour is the machine will go into sleep mode. Otherwise there will be no warming up period. It could also happen that if you have the power save set to a high period such as 4h, and you will not use the printer the drum and ink head could decrease temperature and at this stage the printer will re-heat it. I have just not used my printer for 30min and when I tryied another copy job it went straight in without warmup.


3) I could not understand completely what your question was. You said you are trying to scan to network using Centreware?? Centreware Network Scanning solution?

If yes, then I assume your saving your jobs on a remote location on your network... then what you mean with download to HDD?


















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Frequent Member

8560MFP different C2424 ???

Product Name: Other - specify product in post


I´ve change my old C2424 with a new 8560MFP...

Now, I have questions because they are different systems:


1)  If I want a copy with the document feeder I load the feeder with paper and...

- the C2424 pull the paper before I press "start"

- the 8560 MFP pull the paper after I press "start"

Is that correct ? And why is it so ?


2) If I want to copy or scan a document with feeder or not...

- the C2424 copy or scan at once

- the 8560 MFP copy or scan mostly after 10 or more seconds warm up

Why must the 8560 MFP mostly a warm up... It´s terrible...


3) If I scan (network) with CentreWare...

- the C2424 scan can download at once to the hdd

- the 8560 MFP scan wait until 1 minute and than I can download to hdd

Why is it so ?


Why are these two system so different ?

Or what is the correct setup ?





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