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Adding a group email to address book C3376

Wanting to be able to send scanned docs to a group email.  Any advice greatly appreciated C3376

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
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Re: Adding a group email to address book C3376

Pretty sure that is a FujiXerox product, so it isn't available in the North American market (Which this forum caters to).


But a DL (Distribution list) tends to have an email address associated with it, so you just enter that email like you do any other in the address book locally on the device as if it were just another email address, because it is.


On VersaLink products (Which were developed by FujiXerox in the NA market) They have the Group email option within the address book, so if your device has it, I assume it would be there. But it is not on older devices I can find here.


So this interface seems to be yes





But it isn't there in this interface (I even tried multiple address separated with , and ; and it just refused.)






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Re: Adding a group email to address book C3376


Added to Joe's Answer , click Here to find how to create a public address book and Here to how to register an Email in the address book.