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Address book Centreware on Mac issue

I have been trying to solve this for a week now. 


When I ourchased a new SC2020 about 6 months ago I called support to set up the scanning which has been working fine.


I have recently replaced my computer and I am struggling to get the Scan to Network function working. I setup the address in th e


I am gussing the issue is with the setup in the address book (Comp/Serv). Here's what I am doing...


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 5.02.28 PM.png


When I use this address and press rthe Start button I get an FTP error (031-576).


I am guessing I have missed a step or am entering somnething wrong but I have tried every permutation I can think of. 


I am running OSX 10.12.6 on an iMac. I am connecting to printer via ethernet network (switch). I am running Centreware via Chrome for Mac.


Any help greatly appreciated.





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Valued Advisor

Re: Address book Centreware on Mac issue

Are you certain you enabled FTP on the Mac and that the directory structure of it places you before the users folder?

That certainly is not how it would be by default in OSX. What you have listed is the file path to the root folder, which means it is totally un-necessary


If you want the scans to go to the folder inside the Users folder that applies to your login , then you don't need anything in the path at all, but if you were to put a folder in your usernames personal folder called scans or similar, than that is what you would put into the path (just scans or possibly /scans)


(I hope you are showing examples in your screenshot and not thinking that users/myname is a real directory because you saw it online somewhere)

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Joe Arseneau
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