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AltaLink Fax Build Job automatically

Is there any way to set faxes on the AltaLink models to default to build job.  I checked the Fax App settings, but build job was greyed out, even while logged in as admin.  Is there somewhere else I should look to enable this feature?

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Re: AltaLink Fax Build Job automatically

It is intentionally blocked from being a default, I have no idea why, but when you select it, it outright states it can't be done, so to get the feature you would need to request from Xerox officially to create a FER (Feature Enhancement Request). Which means you need to call and ask for it (we can't do it here) and there is no guarantee they will do so, it is just a request.




I will add, that I also just tried on the other platforms I have, which is Connectkey, VersaLink, FujiXerox, Discovery and none of them allow it either, which confirms it isn't a bug, it is definitely a "feature"

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Joe Arseneau
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