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PTSMS New Member
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ApeosPort-V c5575 cannot scan to PC

Hi Support,



I cannot scan to PC.

checking scan folder able to be accessed.

useraccount password is correct on both copy machine and computer. Also, it has read and write access to the folder.

hostname is correct.

using default port.



but cannot scan to PC. It is always error "completed with an Error 018-763: char convert error in SMB"


User report that it has worked before. Does it relate to SMBv1?



Can you please check this issue, the issue persist for 4 days now.


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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: ApeosPort-V c5575 cannot scan to PC

Where it isn't a Xerox product I have no access to spar firmware for it, but it is probably SMBv1 causing it.


They have information here, and your model is listed as supporting SMBv2. (But it may need what is called a Spar firmware to actually make sure it works, and due to it being a FujiXerox vs a Xerox I have no access to them for it)


So with that in mind.


Port needs to be 445 and not 139

Time on the device needs to be correct to within 3 minutes.

Login name should be fiully qualified, easiest way to verify that is via (type it exactly as it appears in the brackets)


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Pasha New Member
New Member

Re: ApeosPort-V c5575 cannot scan to PC

From my experience, device doesn't accept '\' in share name i.e. doesn't work with nested folders. Workaround is to make a first level share like \\computer\share.

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