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Re: B225 - Strange Message when copying

thanks for the reply Tony.


i will check both ways, but I think we used the ADF (I don't work on site normally).

Something else i have had mentioned was that the multi-copy per page option is set. Again, I don't think so (unless that is the default!).

I probably need to wade through the menu options to see if anything is 'off'.

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Re: B225 - Strange Message when copying

Hi PitstopPansy, are you putting the documet to copy on the glass or in the feeder? If you are putting it on the glass, the device may think you have more documents to copy. I would not expecte that behaviour if you put the document in the feeder. 


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B225 - Strange Message when copying

Operating System: Not Specified


our church just purchased a B225, mainly as a copier (but also for printing).

When we want to get 5 copies of a page, it stops and asks 'Another Page' after each page. This is irritating at the moment, but if we need to do a long run something may get broken!

I can't find any mention of this anywhere in manuals, online, or here on the forum. 


Does anyone have any ideas?



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