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Lauren New Member
New Member

B405 VersaLink fax log (hold cue)

Is there a way for the faxes on a B405 to be logged, so they don’t auto print, so we may view them first?
(Before Printing - “Hold cue”)

We get a lot of junk faxes.
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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: B405 VersaLink fax log (hold cue)

Not really.


1. There is Secure Fax recieve, but that just means you would go to the printer, type in a code, and the jobs would all pile out without you being able to check what they were (Stops faxes sitting on the tray with confidential info on them in a public space)


2. There is Fax filtering, you can simply bock unknown numbers or just only allow the numbers you want




3. If email sending is available on the device already, you can just forward all faxes to email,



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