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mkzaman Member

Black Scan & Copy problem of WC 7225

Fault Code 362.461) Now my print is ok but Copy & Scan "Full Black" no image.

please anyone help me

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Xerox Employee Karl063192
Xerox Employee

Re: Black Scan & Copy problem of WC 7225



The error code you gived is related to the scanner. It can be as simple as a bad connection with some cables. But it can go as far as to replace multiple board and to reload the software.


If you have a contract or warranty with Xerox, think no further and call Support. A Technical Service Representative need to go onsite to help you.


There is maybe more error codes underneath this problem that need to be taken care of before fixing the 62-461.


Hope you success!



MGrantom New Member
New Member

Re: Black Scan & Copy problem of WC 7225

I have this same problem with a Xerox WorkCentre 7225.  Did you ever find the solution?  

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