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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Blue background in copies WC 7225 only adf

The only way that is possible is if the CVT glass (small strip on the left side) is the cause, which would imply the glass is dirty or defective.

There can be no other cause as the only difference between the platen and an ADF scan/copy, is the glass itself, with the ADF the light stays still and the paper moves, off the platen the same light is used but it moves across the scan bed to do the page.



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Joe Arseneau
New Member
New Member

Blue background in copies WC 7225 only adf

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I have a WC 7225 when i scan or copy only in the ADF in color, the document have a blue background, when copy or scand from the cristal is working fine.

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