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Build A Job to Create Sets

Operating System: Windows 10

I have a need to create sets on our D136 as this kind of task comes up often. Using the build-a-job feature when copying, how can I tell the software to put a separator after a certain number of sets?

For example: I have three forms to copy and the instructor needs six sets of 20. Rather than copying the three forms six times, I want to use Build a Job: copy the three forms once for a total of 120 copies with a separator (different colored slip sheet from our Drawer 1 dedicated for this purpose) in between every 20 copies. I do not want a separator in between each copy, which is all I've been able to accomplish. Just one separator between every "set" of 20 copies.

Is this possible? Seems like it should be.

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Re: Build A Job to Create Sets

Nope, it has different names in the industry (Record lengths, Printing Pads, data sets)

Xerox would have you do the 20 copies and add an insert as the job itself, and set it to make 6 copies of that.

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Joe Arseneau
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