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Re: Can't connect to WiFi

Hello Steuber,

Sounds like you have tried many things, I would recommend at this point to contact the Support Department to speak with a product specialist: 1-800-821-2797.

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Can't connect to WiFi

Product Name: Xerox B205 Multifunction Printer


I have a Xerox B205 which i can't connect to WiFi. I did everything i could do to fix this. I tried the things below to find a fix but after 3 hours still not able to connect.

I tried the followed things: 

- Firmware update to the lastest spar release (

- Reset the device to default settings (thats only possible for the network settings)

- Static IP instead of DHCP (so verified both options)

- Configuration at the LUI and with CentreWare Web (laptop directly with cable to my printer to reach CWWS)

- WPS button

- Rename the WiFi name, to validate 'unsupported' characters in de WiFi name

- Resetting the router (it's in a home network)

- Disable 5Ghz WiFi, to make sure only 2.4 GHz is used. 

- Deleted the WiFi network password to make sure it has nothing to do with the securty which is used. (WPA2 AES) 

- I did a total re-configuration of the router, all my devices can connect (Phones, laptops, TV's, PC's, Philips Hue) only the Xerox can't connect. 


In mechanical terms the printer works well (if i use a network cable everything's fine, but in the room i want to place my printer i don't have a cable, so WiFi is a must.)


What can i do?? Hopefully there is a technical person who can assist in here. FYI; I'm familiar  with Xerox for years (configuring networks and Xerox MFP's daily).

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