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Re: Can't scan to network

I'm using the 139 port.


As a tip, I check the server and it seems other one is in conflict with this one, just shutdown the other and the scanning service is working ok.


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Re: Can't scan to network

what is the port you used? you can try 139 or 445

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Can't scan to network

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I´m trying to set up a WC123 with the scan to network feature. I already did all the steps required to do this. I activated the scan to network feature, I share a folder into the network with the name "scan", I gave full control to all the users in this folder. I set this values on the scan template. I create a user to test this.


Server: IP_SERVER (192.36.XXX.XXX) or HOST_NAME

protocol: SMB

Share: scan

username: scan <- This is the user that I created

password: **************


I also try filling the username with this values: "Domain\scan" and "scan@Domain"


when I tried to do a sample, it gave me the error 016-782, this is an authentication error. I also test a WC5225 in the same building and did the same set up to this equipment and it works ok. So I'm wondering what is going on.


I already remove the antivirus and the firewall. Also I test the template using another server, and the image reach the PC, but we can't use this one as the scanning server. So I would like you to help me giving some advices.


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